What do all of Smith Enterprise, Inc.'s angry and dissatisfied customers have in common?

Caveat Emptor!

Before you spend $900 of your hard-earned money on one of SEI's new M14 receivers, you should take a look at what they're selling! Click any photo below for a larger, unretouched version. If you want to know which is the SEI receiver... well, it's not the pretty one!

It's about customer service.

There can be no doubt that Ron Smith is a legend in his own mind. Just pick up the phone and call him, and he'll be happy to tell you the many ways in which he is God's gift to the M14 owner. But the unfortunate fact is that unless you happen to be SEI's primary customer, you're going to be treated like something the cat dragged in.

Unfortunately for some of Ron's customers, he sometimes makes mistakes. But instead of owning up to them, he abuses anyone who dares to suggest the possibility. Read about the experiences of burned customers in their own words.

Ron's Antics

You can get a pretty good picture of the kind of fellow Ron is just by reading his vitriolic rambling press release on an Army settlement. SEI had sued the Army for infringing on Sonja's patent on the vortex flash-hider. One wonders how it might be possible to install a flash hider "incorrectly", so that its function would be diminished. (Also note that all open-pronged muzzle devices ring like tuning-forks because they are, in fact, tuning forks).


Are SEI bipods made from 100% real VersaPod bipods? You decide!


We're not saying that SEI's bottom rail adapter is just a Versa-Pod rail adapter with the logo milled off, but if you were to mill the logo off of a Versa-Pod rail adapter and parkerize it, it would certainly look identical to the SEI product. Don't take our word for it, just look at the two products side-by-side ... and the other side.

They all did business with Smith Enterprise, Inc.