M14 Resources

Navigating the world of the M14-type rifle can be difficult, filled as it is with its share of scoundrels and thieves. Fortunately there are still a few vendors with solid reputations for excellence. This site is not funded by or affiliated with any of them; it is entirely the product of enthusiasts dedicated to the M14 platform. As a service to fellow collectors and enthusiasts, we provide the following links to vendors and other resources related to the M14 platform along with information about our experiences with each.

Informative Websites


Different's M1A Site

Lee Emerson AKA "Different" maintains this site with a wealth of useful and historical information on M14-type rifles.


M-14 Firing Line Forum

Once a useful and informative internet forum where enthusiasts of M14-type rifles gather and exchange information, this site is rumored to have been taken over recently by new management. Not that the old management was that great, but we're not sure who's calling the shots now, and rumor has it that they might be cozy with SEI.

Manufacturers and Parts Suppliers


Fred's M14 Stocks

Major supplier of M14 stocks and related accessories, with an unfortunately mixed reputation for extraordinarily long waiting periods.

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Fulton Armory

Well-regarded assembler of M-14 type tifles and distributor of its many attendant parts and accessories, including the SAGE stock system.

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J. Allen Enterprises

Maker of the extremely nice JAE-100 stock system.

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LRB Arms

Currently the only manufacturer of hammer-forged M-14 receivers (including their new model, the M-25, which features an integrated scope mounting system), based in Long Island. Also known for their extremely long waiting lists (although I was personally quite lucky and hardly waited at all).

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Sadlak Industries

Mike Sadlak manufactures some very nice M-14 accurizing components and scope mounts.

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Smith Enterprise

Ron Smith is a scumbag, and his Arizona company exemplifies all that can be done wrong in the area of customer service! In our experience, their intolerable arrogance and the-customer-is-always-wrong service policy far outweigh the quality of their work.

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Springfield Armory

It is natural that the company eponymous with the famous (though for decades, defunct) US government armory of Springfield, Mass., should be the world's largest purveyor of M14-type rifles. Though at times spurned by the enthusiast community, there can be no doubt that SAI (as Springfield Armory, Inc. is commonly referred to) manufactures a consistently delightful product in its many M1A variants.

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Ted Brown

Ted Brown dba Shooter's Den is a well-regarded M14 armorer.