What do all of Smith Enterprise, Inc.'s angry and dissatisfied customers have in common?

Testimonials from burned customers

11.15.2011 Ken provided us with two pages of Ron's abusive correspondence about an error in SEI's product documentation. Check out the original specification that Ken referred to, before SEI updated it!
05.25.2011 Another Ken writes:
I am happy to find this site, and would like to add my two cents worth.
I purchased a Marlin Model 1895 rear sight from Smith Enterprises a little over a month ago. I am happy with the sight itself, but the ethics and honor( better yet, lack thereof) leaves a lot to be desired.
Upon receipt of the sight, I removed it from its shipping envelope and it fell apart in my hand. I right away got on the phone with Smith Enterprises and spoke with Andy, and explained that the swivel pin holding the sight ladder to the base was missing. I was told that I would be sent a pin right away. A week and a half later, no pin. Another call, I was told that the pin had been sent, and when I told them I had not received it, I was told that another would be sent in its place. Another week or so passed, and you guessed it, no pin. I sent Ron an e-mail just last week, and as of this writing have received no response, and expect none. In my opinion, there is no service after the sale. Once he gets your money, he is through with you regardless if the item you purchased from him is complete, serviceable, or otherwise to your liking. He is not going to make it right for you. And his thinking is, “ignore the problem and it will disappear”. It is a damn wonder he is still in business if he treats everybody like this. I will never deal with him again, and I hope my writing here along with everyone else who has been cheated by him, helps him with his advertising.
I did find a pin locally from a gunsmith, and completed what Smith Enterprise could not.
06.16.2010 Larry Smith writes:
"I sent Smith a Polytech a while back to swap a surplus gas cylinder for a heat-treated one, install a Crazy Horse barrel and perform some other services. When my rifle came back I went to shoot and it would not go into battery. A friend put swivels on using threads that were too long, but Smith did not see this (he claimed they did not test fire using my stock), which ended up costing me another round of shipping! Later on I found I had a cross threaded gas cylinder and that the N.M. sights he put on will not stay attached to the gun when fully adjusted up! I didn't even bother telling him about these last two items. He'll probably blame me for the cross threads (which I did not do). I won't deal with them again or recommend either. These gun smiths can screw us over cause we live hundreds of miles away! Good web site. I'll use it as my signature links on other forums."

The following are references to original customer complaints about SEI that we found on third-party websites. References to posts on the M14 Firing Line Forum are marked with an asterisk (*), and cannot be directly accessed from here (see their entries in the guest book). Both the M14 Firing Line and the Sniper's Paradise Forum require you to be a registered user to view posts.

10.24.2007* Now it's not just customer service, but quality control that's at issue. User jywolfe torqued the head off his M14 scope mount screw, which appeared to be made of pot metal.
10.03.2007* Not impressed by SEI's evaluation of his bolt/receiver fit, Night Stalker saved himself a lot of heartache by getting a second opinion.
09.17.2007* Twice-burned, Echo_Grunt from the Green Mountain State has learned his lesson.
09.14.2007* Crang11's experience is an unmitigated nightmare.
09.14.2007 This is our featured story of customer disservice, from LFOD1776. He presents positive proof of SEI's misdeeds, and even provokes a response, and ultimately a cover-up!
05.26.2006 Lucky turrican got service so bad that he managed to dodge the bullet altogether.
05.24.2006* The trbon8r encounters another instance of SEI rudeness.
04.27.2006* A guy without a dog in this fight, Mojo talks some straight-up sense.
12.14.2005* Is it really a surprise when Ron whispers soft curses to poor coyotewillie?
12.14.2005* Lex_Ordo didn't exactly get the warm fuzzies when the subject of a return came up.
01.28.2005* Poor qsa5 threw good money after bad, after SEI mangled his receiver.
01.27.2005* RickC has his rifle manhandled and abused by the master himself.
01.27.2005* If M1A_Owner's experience rates as a neutral, you'd hate to think what a bad one might be like.
01.26.2005* It's what M14_LOVER doesn't say that speaks loudest of all.
01.26.2005 Blain was burned so badly he felt the need to write about it on multiple boards.
07.31.2004 A user at the Sniper's Paradise forum, mwc951 has a bad customer service experience (login required).

They all did business with Smith Enterprise, Inc.